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Nano-exhaust gas purification technology in industrial waste gas field

Air pollution is one of the most prominent environmental problems in China. Industrial waste gas is an important source of atmospheric pollutants. A large amount of industrial waste gas is discharged into the atmosphere, which inevitably degrades the quality of the atmospheric environment, causing serious harm to human health and causing huge losses to the national economy. In industrial production, various organic waste gases are produced, mainly including various hydrocarbons, sulfurs, alcohols, aldehydes, acids, ketones and amines; these organic waste gases cause air pollution and endanger human health, so organic The treatment and purification of exhaust gas is imperative.
       In addition to the traditional treatment technology, some new technologies have been gradually developed and applied, which provides more ways for the treatment of waste gas. The nano-exhaust gas purification technology adopts nano-micro-electric energy materials and adsorption materials, as well as bactericidal materials and activation materials, and the nano nano-exhaust gas purification materials are processed by nano-superfine processing, mixed and calcined to form composite functional ceramsite, as waste gas equipment. Core material. It not only has super strong and long-lasting purification effect on the toxic and harmful gas in the air, but also has long-acting and broad-spectrum bactericidal effect. Moreover, the open microporous formed by high-temperature roasting has high porosity, strong adsorption and high gas permeability, which can ensure all passing. The gas is highly purified and the wind resistance is small.