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Industrial waste gas treatment is the key

With the development of exhaust gas purification standard technology and the increased experience of enterprises in this area, German industrial waste gas emissions have been declining year by year. The coverage of air pollution control equipment increased in the mid-1990s, and Germany’s main focus on industrial waste gas treatment is the reason for the significant reduction in annual emissions in Germany.
       With today's technology, the amount of dust, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide in industrial exhaust gases can be effectively reduced. This is also the reason why the airborne pollutant content in Germany is kept at a very low level all year round, and there is little smog. In the case of nitrogen oxides, the reduction in the amount of such emissions between industrial equipment in Germany, although the number of motor vehicles has also increased, but the overall curve is still slightly downward.
       The process of exhaust gas cleaning can itself be a sustainable process, but the resulting waste or wastewater can create new challenges to the environment. Therefore, EU law requires environmental protection to require a “cross-media methodology”. That is, all emission reduction treatments need to minimize the overall impact on water, air and soil on the environment.