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Microbial treatment technology for industrial waste gas

The existing industrial waste gas treatment methods mainly employ adsorption, combustion, oxidation, masking and the like. The ubiquitous disadvantages are the complexity of the equipment and the high operating costs, which are not ideal for some malodorous exhaust gases.
The use of biological methods to treat waste gas has the following advantages:
        1. Wide adaptability, can effectively deal with VOCs, NH3, H2S, HAPs and odorous gases in wastewater treatment plants, composting plants and landfills.
        2, the removal efficiency can reach more than 90%;
The biological treatment of waste gas is divided into: according to the nature of the medium:
        First, biological washing
        The biological scrubber is a liquid medium consisting of a scrubber and a bioreactor. The exhaust gas is transferred to the liquid phase in the scrubber, and the liquid is then oxidized and decomposed by the microorganisms into the bioreactor.
        Second, biological filtration
        The biological filtration adopts a solid medium, and the biological filter is a solid filler. The commonly used filler particles include ceramsite, activated carbon, etc. These materials provide a surface for the attachment and growth of microorganisms, and microorganisms can absorb and decompose pollutants in the exhaust gas.