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Zero discharge treatment technology for desulfurization wastewater

In order to avoid high salty wastewater polluting the environment and recovering water resources, zero-emission treatment of desulfurization wastewater has received more and more attention. There are two main technologies for zero-emission treatment of desulfurization wastewater:
       The first one is DTRO membrane concentration + evaporation crystallization method, which can recover water resources and crystalline salts, which fully meets the "zero emission" requirements of the government. The high-concentration of wastewater by the DTRO membrane system greatly reduces the cost of zero emissions. In addition, in order to ensure the normal operation of the evaporative crystallizer and ensure the quality of the crystalline salt, it is necessary to carry out strict pretreatment of the desulfurization wastewater, such as removing hardness, organic matter and heavy metals in the wastewater. Therefore, in order to realize the large-scale application of the evaporation crystallization method, it is necessary to pay attention to the development of the wastewater reduction and pretreatment technology, in order to reduce the construction and operation cost of the evaporation section, and to study the high-efficiency desulfurization wastewater pretreatment technology.
       The second method is the flue evaporation treatment method, which is simple in operation and low in operating cost, but the flue treatment method cannot recover water resources, and there are still a large number of potential effects that cannot be determined, including the impact on subsequent dust removal processes, and may cause Flue corrosion problems, etc. Therefore, in the flue evaporation treatment of desulfurization wastewater, attention should be paid to the study of the impact of wastewater entering the flue on flue gas emissions and flue gas treatment systems. The flue treatment method should be widely applied, and a large number of long-term and comprehensive economic and technological research and evaluations should be carried out.