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How to filter and dry three-in-one equipment

The working principle of the filter washing and drying three-in-one equipment: solid-liquid separation of the crystallized solid-liquid mixture in a closed container by the pressure difference before and after the filter cake, and then complete the filtration → slurry washing → re-filtration → re-washing → filtration or pressure Filtration → drying and other processes. The initial filtration and the re-filtration process after washing are carried out by pressure filtration or suction filtration, so that the solid-liquid mixed suspension of crystals and liquid after crystallization is passed through the porous sintered mesh plate, so that the crystal (solid particles) is intercepted in the filter medium. Above, while the mother liquor (liquid) is separated by the medium.
        At the same time, the drying stage of the three-in-one equipment is also required to heat the filter cake to evaporate the moisture to achieve the drying requirement. The evaporation speed is accelerated by the vacuum inside the equipment, and the vaporized moisture is removed by adding the treated nitrogen medium. The material is accelerated to dryness. In view of the fact that the equipment will be used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food and other industries, different companies will process different materials in the equipment. Therefore, the internal construction of the equipment should meet the corrosion resistance of different pharmaceutical and chemical raw materials under high temperature and high pressure.