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Leader's speech

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The company has been in business for more than 8 years since its establishment. It can be described as 8 years of business, 8 years of wind and rain, and 8 years of harvest. From the handicraft workshop in the early stage of the venture to the brand enterprise of chemical equipment and the realization of group management, we have gone through a struggle with painstaking efforts and sweat. We thank the community for their support and selfless care for Zhongyue Group. Thank you for your hard work. Working with employees in various positions.
Only one person with conviction and hard work can achieve his own achievements. We are confident that we will be confident in this environment of competition and development, opportunities and challenges. Let us work hard. Learn to be down-to-earth and relentless. It enables everyone in the company to shine with humanity and wisdom in life and work, so that our partners can confidently welcome the future with us. This is our wealth and our value. We provide our customers with The power and belief of every good product. We are always willing to share our learning attitude with our peers and do our part for the development of China's pressure vessel manufacturing industry.
In the new period, we will continue to work hard, constantly pursue excellent quality and service, and create a development atmosphere of enthusiasm, openness, sincere cooperation and pioneering spirit. We sincerely welcome all customers to visit Zhongyue, seek common development and create brilliance together!

8 years of business! 8 years of rain!! Harvest 8 years!!!