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Factors affecting the treatment of waste gas in the chemical industry

First: operating conditions of exhaust gas treatment equipment
        Design safe and reliable exhaust gas treatment devices according to the nature of the exhaust gas (viscosity, temperature, humidity, pressure, flammability, toxicity, stability and gas type);
Second: exhaust gas treatment compliance efficiency
        According to the emission standards promulgated by the state and the concentration of exhaust gas emitted by the pollution source, select an efficient equipment type. If one equipment fails to meet the requirements, multiple equipments are required for multi-stage processing;
Third: economic
        Mainly consider the cost of manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment and the disposal of the exhaust gas, and must not cause secondary pollution;
Fourth: equipment operation requirements and service life
        The device is required to have a simple structure, convenient operation, and easy replacement of an absorbent, an adsorbent or a catalyst;
Fifth: the size of the floor space and space
        According to the situation of the project site, reasonably arrange the exhaust gas treatment process and design equipment type;
Sixth: other factors
        If handling toxic, flammable and explosive gases, attention should be paid to safety measures such as anti-leakage and explosion-proof of exhaust gas treatment equipment.