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Industrial waste gas treatment recovery unit solution

Industrial waste gas treatment recovery unit solution
        The condensation method uses the exhaust gas to have different saturated vapor pressures at different temperatures and pressures, and the tail gas is condensed by lowering the temperature or increasing the pressure. The condensation method theoretically achieves a high degree of purification, but when its concentration is lower than lower, it needs to be frozen.
        The absorption method is carried out by countercurrent contact of the exhaust gas and the absorbent, using the difference in solubility of the components in the exhaust gas in the absorbent. The main advantage is that the design is flexible, easy to operate, and the absorption, desorption and resorption processes are synchronized. The disadvantage is that the concentration in the air is high, which is not conducive to intermittent operation, and the floor space is large, the requirements for the absorbent and the absorption equipment are high, and the absorbent needs to be replaced periodically. The process is complicated and the cost is high, and it has been gradually Replaced by other methods.
The adsorption method is to adsorb the components in the exhaust gas into the micropores of the activated carbon to form a balanced adsorption concentration in the micropores of the carbon fibers. After the adsorption is saturated, the molecules adsorbed in the pore diameter of the activated carbon fiber are desorbed and recovered by steam desorption.
        The catalytic combustion method is to achieve oxidation at a low temperature (200-400 ° C) by means of a catalyst, so that the energy consumption is small, the operation is simple, the purification efficiency is high, and the application in exhaust gas purification is relatively large. The catalyst used for catalytic combustion is a noble metal and metal oxide multi-component material having a large specific surface. A combustion method in which a combustible substance in a harmful gas is decomposed and oxidized at a lower temperature using a suitable catalyst. The key factor in the catalytic combustion process is the choice of catalyst, so the initial cost is relatively high.
        A series of industrial photocatalytic exhaust gas purification devices formed by photocatalytic treatment of exhaust gas.