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Vaporization cooling device

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Vaporization cooling device

The heating furnace is a very important process equipment in the metallurgical, chemical, and petrochemical industries. The bottom of the heating furnace is generally set up to support the operation of the steel billet. Since the furnace temperature of the heating furnace reaches about 1000 degrees, the cooling water is generally used to cool the furnace tube, and the cooling water after the heat absorption is cooled by the cooling tower. After that, enter the cooling pool to achieve circulating cooling. However, the technical solution of cooling water + cooling tower air cooling only plays a role in cooling the furnace tube, but it cannot fully recover the heat of the system, and consumes a large amount of electric energy because the cooling water and the cooling tower system are guaranteed to operate normally. The cooling pool will naturally evaporate part of the water in the open air. The operation of the whole device is uneconomical, and a large amount of waste heat is not fully and efficiently recycled, which also causes waste of heat.      
The vaporization cooling device developed by our company will safely run the steam-water mixture in the furnace tube through vaporization and cooling, and recover the waste heat, which can reduce the running cost and generate a certain temperature, pressure and flow of steam for the users in need. . It provides convenience for comprehensive utilization of thermal energy, meets the needs of energy conservation and emission reduction, and has certain economic and social benefits.