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2012 evaporator and condenser industry survey report

Refrigeration Express News: The refrigeration industry is surging, the European debt crisis continues, raw material prices are fluctuating, real estate regulation is intensifying, labor costs are rising, and changes in the domestic and international environment have put China's economic restructuring on increasing pressure. In the field of accessories, what is the development of the evaporator and condenser industry in 2012, which is known as the "star supporting role"? What kind of development trend does the various products show? In the future, what direction will the evaporator condenser industry face in the future? "2012 evaporator, condenser industry survey report" for you!
First, the basic situation of the evaporator and condenser industry
       Evaporators and condensers are heat exchangers in refrigeration systems and are two essential components in refrigeration systems. The evaporator is a component that absorbs heat, and the condenser is a component that releases heat.
       As a supporting product in the refrigeration industry, large to large central air conditioning, cold storage equipment, small to household air conditioners, refrigerators, no matter which type of refrigeration products, are inseparable from evaporators, condensers, for the entire refrigeration industry, the evaporator The condenser occupies a part of the weight.
Evaporator, condenser classification
       The evaporators can be divided into two categories depending on the type of medium to be cooled: an evaporator that cools the liquid coolant and an evaporator that cools the air.
       According to different cooling media, the condenser can be divided into three categories: water-cooled, air-cooled and evaporated.
The market share of common products of evaporators and condensers:
Analysis of common product development potential of evaporator and condenser