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Metallurgical equipment - maintenance of evaporative condensers

The condenser in metallurgical equipment is one of the main heat exchange equipments in the refrigeration, metallurgical and chemical industries, and its application is very popular. As a new type of energy-saving and heat-saving heat exchange equipment, evaporative condenser has been greatly developed and widely used in recent years.
       The biggest problem in the operation of the metallurgical equipment evaporative condenser is the formation of scale and dirt, and it is more susceptible to fouling than other types of condensers due to its evaporation vaporization mechanism. Therefore, the maintenance of the evaporative condenser is mainly focused on how to solve the scaling problem of the evaporative condenser. Since the water on the surface of the pipe evaporates and the working environment of the evaporative condenser is outdoors, and the temperature is high and humid, it is easy to corrode. Therefore, the upper and lower casings should ensure sufficient galvanizing thickness. Since the water on the surface of the pipe evaporates and is easily fouled, the fouling will greatly reduce the heat transfer performance of the evaporative condenser. For this reason, the following measures can be taken to solve the scaling problem of the evaporative condenser. In normal operation, to keep the equipment piping clean, preventive testing should be done frequently to maximize the maintenance and maintenance of the evaporative condenser.
       Cantilever-type evaporative condenser: During the start-stop process, due to the pressure difference and temperature difference between the condenser serpentine tube, the copper tube has a telescopic super-straight effect, which is greatly different due to the expansion coefficient of copper and scale. Therefore, the cantilever type evaporative condenser has the function of automatic descaling. During the operation, high-frequency vibration occurs due to the two-phase conversion of the refrigerant in the condenser, so it is difficult to form a fouling core, which causes the scale to not adhere to the pipe wall; the pre-film anti-scaling treatment can be effectively prevented when the condenser is manufactured. The fouling crystal adheres to the surface of the copper tube; a small amount of continuous drainage device is used to control the concentration of calcium ions in the cooling circulating water to a certain range, thereby effectively preventing the precipitation of scale; and providing a pre-cooler to make the surface of the condenser tube The evaporation temperature is below 50 °C, and the large water volume and dense water distributor are used to ensure that the surface of the condenser tube is covered by the water film at all times without any dry spots. When the surface temperature of the heat exchange coil is lower than 50 ° C, the generated scale is loose and easy to rinse. When the surface temperature is higher than 50 ° C, the scale generated is hard and difficult to remove. Set the water deflector so that the higher temperature condenser pipe is free of water, which can effectively prevent the condenser from scaling.

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