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Oilfield wastewater treatment and reuse technology

The wastewater treatment and reuse technology system has identified a number of major factors affecting the reuse performance of oilfield wastewater through a large number of water quality analysis and reuse tests, established a water quality control index system for wastewater treatment, and obtained a number of technical inventions. The wastewater treatment agent formula and the corresponding preparation and use method reduce the cost of the treatment agent by 30%, the treatment method is simple, and the water can be reused after the treatment. The institute also invented a method for preparing fracturing fluid base liquid by using wastewater, which effectively solved the problem of insufficient swelling of tannin in the process of reusing the high salinity water after treatment, and the wastewater reuse rate was increased to 80%. the above.
       At the same time, the technical system developed a fracturing and returning liquid sand removal process, which has the advantages of process closure, continuous sand removal, multi-stage control, etc.; invented a centralized wastewater treatment process to achieve centralized treatment of wastewater, Uniform deployment greatly improves the efficiency of wastewater treatment. The key technologies of micro-interface coagulation, ion control, filtration and sterilization are formed. After treatment, the water reaches the standard of re-injection or reuse. Aiming at the wastewater generated by drilling, fracturing and old well measures, a classification and classification process was established, and a treatment mode combining wellsite dispersion and site concentration was constructed, which greatly improved the wastewater treatment effect and realized the effective effect on oilfield wastewater. management.