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Concentrated evaporation equipment

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Vacuum concentrated crystal pot

The whole equipment can be divided into four parts: heating evaporation chamber, heating jacket, vapor-liquid separator and agitator. Based on the jacket heating, our factory has designed the internal heating and internal circulation heating, and the evaporation crystallization pot reflects the evaporation effect 1.8 times higher than the external heating (jacket heating).
The equipment and the product have contact parts, which are all made of 1 Cr18Ni9Ti, and the heating evaporation chamber, such as a cylindrical shell, is convenient for installation and maintenance, and is processed in two sections by different thickness materials, and is connected by flanges. The back cover can be processed into a hemispherical, dish-shaped, or conical body, and the lower cylinder is equipped with a sight glass to observe the boiling condition of the solution, the height of the entrainment of the mist, the concentration of the solution, the crystal size and distribution, etc.; The hole is for the convenience of cleaning and maintenance, and the lower pot is welded to the heating jacket, and the height is determined by calculating the required area for evaporation.
At present, the anchor stirrer is mostly used, the speed is 6-15 rpm, and the stirring is installed by the lower shaft, which can shorten the length of the shaft and facilitate installation and maintenance.

Nominal capacity
Cylinder height
Cylinder diameter
Jacket diameter
Rotating speed
3 1700 1300 1400 6-15 5.5
4 2400 1400 1500 6-15 5.5
5 1800 1500 1700 6-15 7.5
6 3000 1800 2000 6-15 7.5
8 3000 1800 2000 6-15 10
10 3200 1800 2000 6-15 13
11.2 3200 2000 内加热 125-350 15