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Squat vacuum dryer

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, long service period, stable and reliable performance, small steam consumption, strong applicable performance and good product quality, and is particularly suitable for drying of paste materials which are not resistant to high temperature, flammability and temperature regulation, and are easy to oxidize. The machine has proved to be a good dry noise device by the user for a long time. Principle: The material to be dried is added from the upper part of the upper part of the casing. Under the stirring of the teeth rotating continuously, the material is moved back and forth in the axial direction. The surface in contact with the inner wall of the casing is continuously updated, and is indirectly heated by steam. Stirring evenly, pulverizing the pulverizing rod, the surface moisture of the material is more advantageously discharged, and the vaporized water is vented from the outlet of the vacuum pump through the dry dust collector, the wet dust collector and the condenser. Structure: The main components of the vacuum dryer.

Applicable material
Mud-like, high-maste,100-mesh material.  Various pigments and mud-like materials are filtered and centrifuged to filter cement such as soda ash detergent, alkali stone starch, dye pigment, clay ash, etc.

Application under appropriate conditions
Material below 100-mesh Solution Synthetic fiber, crystallization vacuum, emulsion Dry potato chips, ore suspension.

Model and technical characteristics
Main parameters Nominal capacity Heat transfer area Once loading Absolute work pressure Operation temperature Spindle speed Material Weight Power Size
Inside the barrel Inside the jacket
XPG0.5 0.5 1.86 0.2 0.021 0.686 435 15-20     注:3  
XPG1 1 6 0.75 0.021 0.686 435 9 A3 3400 5.5 3700×945×3270
1Cr18Ni9Ti 3300
XPG2 2 8 1.2 0.021 0.588 425 9 A3 4900 11 4570×1130×3455
1Cr18Ni9Ti 4800
XPG3 3 11.5 11.5 1.021 0.588 425 9 A3 6400 15 6076×1130×2980