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Sanitary screw belt vacuum dryer

The spiral belt vacuum dryer is a high-efficiency multifunctional full-closed vertical vacuum drying equipment that integrates drying and mixing. Its drying efficiency is 3~5 times that of the same specification "double cone rotary vacuum dryer".

Structural features and functions
The internal heating of the ribbon increases the overall heating area of ​​the device by 30%.      
The spiral belt vacuum dryer can achieve the effect of bottom-up cycle agitation, and can obtain efficient forced heat transfer performance. When the material filling rate is 30%~100%, 100% heating can be obtained. Suitable for mixing and drying fine materials.      
Fully enclosed system, no foreign matter pollution, high cleanliness, especially suitable for mixing and drying of sterile biological products and medicines.      
The gap between the ribbon vacuum dryer and the wall of the container tube is small, which can effectively prevent the material from sticking to the surface of the wall.      
The small-angle cone-shaped cylinder structure makes the discharge speed fast, clean and no accumulation. Tank and discharge valves enable in-line cleaning (CIP) and in-line sterilization (SIP).     
The device has compact structure, stable operation, good sealing, no lubrication leakage, easy operation and long service life.
Working principle
This machine is made of explosion-proof motor, driven by FAF series parallel helical gear reducer, which drives the belt agitator to rotate. The animal material rotates along the cone wall and rises from bottom to top. After the material reaches the highest point, it is driven by gravity and inertia. The center of the vortex returns to the bottom of the cone-shaped cylinder. A series of processes force the material to be heated in the cone-shaped cylinder, interdiffusion, convection, shearing, misalignment and blending, so that the material can be repetitively reciprocated in all directions. The high-frequency heat exchange of the ribbon and the wall surface of the cylinder achieves the effect of heating dry noise in a short time.
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