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Filtering, washing and drying three-in-one equipment (Improvement)

Product description
The housing of the device is fixed and the internal silo can be rotated 180 degrees.  When the silo is up, it can enter the material, the washing liquid, and can be filtered, washed, dried, etc.
When the ware mouth is turned down, the dry cake is poured out, and the impact hammer hits the filter net, and the auxiliary cake is separated from the filter.  
The dry material poured into the taper is discharged by the discharge device. Direct access to the pulverizer through the valve.  
This machine enables the four processes of filtration, washing, drying and coarse crushing of materials to be completed continuously in the equipment once, with advanced technology and meeting the requirements of national GMP certification.
The machine is dried by high temperature gas and has a wide range of materials. The steam discharged during the drying process can be recycled.  
The interlayer of the machine is heated by electric heating, and the heat-resistant material is kept warm. The internal silo turning mechanism is adopted, and the air hammer tapping assists the discharging, and the coarse crushing and discharging simultaneously. The coarsely crushed material can flow directly into various pulverizers through a closed pipe.  
This machine is equipped with material inlet, washing liquid port, cleaning liquid port, hot gas inlet and various outlets. You can monitor the temperature, pressure and other parameters inside the equipment during work. Use PLC to control various parameters and automate the process. 
Technical Parameters
Model Filtration area Work pressure Device power Heat transfer  area Device diameter Height
GXGS1 1㎡  0.3MPa 4KW 6㎡  1600 3000
GXGS2 2㎡  0.3MPa 5KW 9㎡  2000 3800
GXGS3 3㎡  0.3MPa 7KW 14 ㎡ 2600 4800