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Far Infrared Heating Reactor

Product description
Using infrared temperature heating, the use temperature can reach 300 - 600 C. It's stable in use and adjustable in temperature which is the first one in China. As early as the 1970s, infrared technology with high efficiency and energy saving was popularized and applied to the whole country by the Ministry of Energy. In 2000, our company took the lead in developing and carefully designing infrared technology, which was reasonably applied to heating and heat preservation of reaction kettle, distillation kettle, enamel kettle, polymerization kettle, drying equipment, pipeline and other containers, and was highly praised by users.
The far-infrared electric heating device has a large heating area, stable and fast heating, uniform heat release, convenient temperature control, and can be controlled by upper, middle and lower sections. The temperature of the kettle wall in the kettle is easy to control, and there is no side effect on the material in the kettle. No noise, no pollution, long service life (above 30000h), significant energy saving (28% or more). The heater temperature can be arbitrarily set from a normal temperature to 800 °C. In order to meet the needs of users, our company will renovate the heating equipment to make the heating device meet the explosion-proof requirements as a whole, and pass the “National Explosion-proof Electrical Product Quality Inspection Center Appraisal”, thus completely solving the explosion-proof problem that users have been worried about and other heating methods cannot solve. 
Effect comparison table
Energy-saving oil heating and far-infrared heating energy-saving effect comparison table for reaction kettle
Take the example of 4000L reactor user usage as an example:
Serial number Heating method Heat transfer oil heating Far infrared heating Remarks
1 Design power 168KW 120KW  
2 Power distribution 8 sets of electric heating tube heating Heating in the upper, middle and lower sections  
3 Thermal response time To heat the 1T heat transfer oil in the jacket to 280 ° C  it takes 1.5 hours  the power consumption needs 250 degrees
When the outer wall of the reactor is energized for 30 minutes, its temperature reaches 400 °C, and the power consumption is 42 degrees.  
4 Actual power usage 160KW full load work Actually only use the middle and lower two groups of 84KW to meet the process requirements  
5 One pot of electricity consumption The reaction charge is 1764 degrees The reaction charge is 814 degrees Power saving 53%
6 Use security standards Electric heating tube heating can not be explosion-proof The overall structure of the heating device meets the explosion-proof requirements and has the relevant explosion-proof certificate  
7 Health environment Due to the need to add a mixture of biphenyls in the heat transfer oil, oil and gas leaks at high temperatures and is toxic to humans No pollution, no noise, no carbonization or coking of materials, no need to keep warm after installation  
8 Suitable for reaction temperature Suitable for temperatures below 300C The material temperature can be heated within 700C, and the temperature can be set arbitrarily
9 Normal loss Replace the oil and electric heating tubes at least once a year because the heat transfer oil is easy to carbonize. No need to add any cost within three years and it is convenient to install and repair
Savings 10,000 yuan / year
10 Thermal conduction principle After the jacket oil is heated, the heat of the oil is transferred to the crucible to allow the material to absorb heat. The heat generated by the resistance heating body generates heat energy through the far infrared of silicon carbide to uniformly radiate heat into the quantity of material