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New graphite tube heat exchanger certified by technology

Recently, the large-scale graphite tube-type heat exchanger developed by Hebei Shenzhou Tiancheng Graphite Products Co., Ltd. passed the provincial-level scientific and technological appraisal. Experts agree that the equipment has good physical properties and environmental performance, and its technical indicators in terms of heat transfer efficiency and heat exchange area have reached international advanced level and have good prospects for promotion.
       As a heat conduction equipment in the production process of chemical and pharmaceutical industries, graphite heat exchange equipment has been widely used by many enterprises. However, due to the particularity of the equipment in terms of heat exchange area and physical properties, it is one of the key issues for equipment manufacturers for many years. Hebei Shenzhou Tiancheng Graphite Products Co., Ltd. relies on scientific and technological innovation to drive product innovation, and with the assistance of relevant research institutes, develops a new graphite tube-and-tube heat exchanger. The device has the characteristics of large heat exchange area, small resistance, high speed, temperature resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. The compressive strength is up to 60 MPa, the temperature can be controlled to -20 to 120 ° C when heating, and the cooler is - 20 ~ 130 ° C, not only for cooling, condensation, heating and other processes, but also for rising and falling film evaporation, with good heat transfer performance. At the same time, due to the large amount of new technology and new materials used in the production process, the cost of the product is significantly reduced, and it has a good price advantage compared with imported similar equipment.

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