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Wujian Shijiazhuang polypropylene plant loop reactor was successfully hoisted

Sinopec News Network (Guo Fangxin) On May 23, the last hoisting of the loop reactor, the core equipment of the polypropylene plant under construction by Wujian, began. With the start of the 400-ton crane, the loop reactor began to rise slowly, lasting 20 minutes, and the last loop reactor (R201 second piece) was successfully hoisted in place. At this point, the hoisting of the loop reactors R201 and R202 was completed successfully, which opened the prelude to the installation of large equipment for the 200,000 ton/year polypropylene plant.
       As the core equipment of the polypropylene plant, the loop reactor is different from the general tank reactor. It has a unique loop structure, which is bulky, complicated in structure, and difficult to design and manufacture. Therefore, its position is particularly important. According to the actual situation of the site, the Wujian Shijiazhuang Project Department carried out sling lifting, with a lifting height of 47 meters, a total weight of 4 pieces of ring pipes of 248 tons, a lifting of 400 tons of crawler cranes, and a lifting of 200 tons of cars.
       The Wujian Shijiazhuang Project Department carefully organized the construction, carried out safety technical disclosure to the operators, and carried out detailed inspections on the equipment used. The lifting operation process is strictly controlled, and the entire lifting operation process is orderly, ensuring the successful lifting of the loop reactor.

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