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Introduction of heat pipe heat exchanger for cement rotary kiln tail gas

Aiming at the combustion characteristics of the rotary kiln kiln system in the cement plant firing workshop, the technical design scheme of the heat pipe heat exchanger is proposed. The waste heat from the rotary kiln is recovered by the heat pipe waste heat boiler, and the pressure is 3 kg/cm 3 . Steam 1100 kg / hr. At the same time, the high-efficiency dust collector is used to reduce the fly ash loss and meet the emission standard, so that the heat consumption of the material is reduced.
       This cement plant rotary kiln adopts such a scheme because its advantages are very favorable for the calcination of the rotary kiln of the cement plant. The heat pipe boiler recovers the preheating, which can obtain 1100 kg/hr of steam per hour. The annual operating rate is 80%, and the annual income is about 500,000 yuan. The total investment of the heat pipe waste heat boiler and auxiliary equipment in the rotary kiln is about 200,000 yuan. In addition, in order to reduce the dust content of the heat pipe waste heat boiler, the high-efficiency cyclone dust collector preset in front of the heat pipe boiler is about 100,000 yuan. More than 300,000 yuan, it can be seen that equipment investment can be recovered in a short time.
       In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection, the dust content of the exhaust gas from the rotary kiln should not exceed 150 mg/m3. For this purpose, it is necessary to install a humidification tower and an electric precipitator at the kiln end or use a high-efficiency bag filter. Dust removal, large investment, using the latter, the kiln exhaust gas temperature is high, can not directly enter the bag filter, need to cool down, such as the introduction of cold air, at this time, the exhaust fan load increases, the power consumption increases, and through the rotary kiln When the heat pipe waste heat boiler is used, the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced to about 200 degrees, and it can directly enter the fiberglass bag filter, simplifying the process and reducing investment.
       So far, the rotary kiln heat pipe boiler waste heat recovery production line is still in the construction stage, but in the near future, it will be put into production in large quantities, which will bring more benefits.
       There is a gap between the rotary kiln cylinder and the kiln head kiln tail. In order to prevent the outside air from being sucked into the kiln and stabilize the thermal system in the kiln, a seal must be installed at the kiln head kiln. There are many structural forms of the sealing device, which are divided into two types: the labyrinth and the contact type. The contact type is divided into a scale type, a graphite block type, and a cylinder slip ring type. Rotary kiln head, before the kiln tail is installed, turn the kiln, check the radial runout deflection of the kiln mouth, and position the line at the position of the rotating part.